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Tip of the Iceberg

Certainly many already knew a lot of these abuses, for instance, Senators Carl Levin and Tom Coburn have known the extent, the risks and dangers per their own report:

United States Senate
Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 2012

2007 ACLU report' Whats Wrong With Fusion Centers?'
and 2008 Update Report

Article from 2009----(The centers are set up to avoid FOIA)

U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives. Fusion Centers Will Have Access to Classified Military Intelligence

As the American Civil Liberties Union documented in their 2007 and 2008 reports on fusion center abuses, one motivation is precisely to subvert oversight laws which do not apply to private mercenary contractors.

...since 9/11 "the Central Intelligence Agency has been spending 50 to 60 percent of its budget on for-profit contractors, or about $2.5 billion a year, and its number of contract employees now exceeds the agency's full-time workforce of 17,500."

Indeed, Shorrock learned that "no less than 70 percent of the nation's intelligence budget was being spent on contracts." However, the sharp spike in intelligence outsourcing to well-heeled security corporations comes with very little in the way of effective oversight.

The House Intelligence Committee reported in 2007 that the Bush, and now, the Obama administrations have failed to develop a "clear definition of what functions are 'inherently governmental';" meaning in practice, that much in the way of systematic abuses can be concealed behind veils of "proprietary commercial information."

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.