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Both I think.

These executives may not be in on it.

The group of evil people are the puppet masters behind these policies. Clinton, Bush, and Obama did not drop out of nowhere, get their buddies together, think up these egregious programs, and coincidentally come up with the same idea as their predecessor. Someone installs them. When every single law that passes, for over at least the last 15 years, benefits the top 0.001 percent it is mathematically impossible for that to be happenstance. There is a grand plot. That plot entails full-spectrum dominance over the all people and property. After the Amnesty Bill is passed, in order to enforce Obamacare, we are fucked.

Think Smartmeters (to monitor appliance usage), GMOs (to control the food supply), mandatory black boxes in every vehicle after 2014 (to control transportation), MSM (to control perceptions), the Internet (to gather personal data), every single market is rigged (to control investments), 401k and pensions (to control your retirement funds), Obamacare (to control your lifespan), Amnesty Bill (to finalize the all-encompassing database), biggest military in history (to squash dissenters when the time comes), the orchestrated biggest debt bubble in the history of the World (to steal as much as possible so that when the plug is pulled, the evil ones will have the wealth), and at that point we will not be able to do jack.

Is the end nigh? All these executives buying real estate should give us a clue to get out of paper. And what about the cheap paper price of PMs and JP Morgan's vault metals disappearing like flesh in a piranha school?

Sorry to be so bleak. But how can this be a coincident?

Solution: Government is the root of all evil. Without the tool of government, this would have never been able to occur. In mass, we all just say no to all laws that are not common. We do as we please as long as we do not infringe upon the life, liberty, or property of others. We quit financing our own demise, stand up, and just say NO!