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Hey, Ted

What's the difference between Iran and the 2012 election in the United States? The democrats and republicans gave Americans a false choice, rigged votes in primaries, arrested people and some people were physically hurt. Just ask Ron Paul supporters, we'll fill you in...

Does Iran have the NSA and PRISM?

Does Iran spy on journalists and then file criminal charges calling them unindicted co-conspirators?

How about an IRS that targets one segment of the population asking them to disclose the contents of their prayers?

How about Manning, Padilla and Hamzi, all locked up for years without charges, lawyers and due process?

Iran stifles freedom of speech? People are detained and handcuffed in the United States for exercising their "freedom of speech." In fact, right in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty, the City of Brotherly Love.

Look around, Senator, before you start telling us what's wrong with another country.