Comment: All the talk of bullying

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All the talk of bullying

and the recent crusades to eliminate the dreaded bully is in lock step with the rest of the justifications for curbing our freedoms and justifying our surveillance. All for the sake of spineless, thin skinned, little cowards. You will of course need a national police to enforce any laws regarding internet crimes real or supposed. Do we already have one? I know they talked about a national police force before. Does the NSA fit that bill?

Anyway, soon you will not be allowed to disagree with certain persons or certain special groups. Look at the groups who have enjoyed the decay of moral values who don't want to be criticized for their behavior. The ones who are at the forefront of the recent anti bullying campaign. The ones that the Zionist media pushes on society. See them for what they are and how they are tools of the PTB.