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Communism is all property owned by the collective. Since this flat-out does not work, Vangaurd Party Communism has been tried with horrific results. The Communism (read: Communist Party) of the USSR and China were actually socialism (defined as society owning all means of production). Mussolini's Fascism is more like what we see here: private businesses and oligarchs in partnership with government oppressing the public.

Two examples of forced communism were as follows:

The Great Leap Forward, led by Mao, was from 1958-1961 and resulted in a death count from 18 to 25 million Chinese.

Murray Rothbard claims that the first settlers at Jamestown, owned by the Virginia Company, were forced to be communist. The death toll was again horrendous. Only 61 of the 500 settlers survived before reforming to a free market theocracy.

Stalin's holodomor greatly resembled communism as well. Millions died.

Cannibalism is a common consequence of communism.