Comment: What keeps me up at night is this...

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What keeps me up at night is this...

That Rand come out for this Immigration bill.

If he does, then I cannot support him.

I find this sudden, almost uniform support of this bill on the part of the Obama/McCain/Graham, Jeb Bush, Rubio very erie, as though the unseen powers that be have put out the word and are calling in the IOUs.

I trust Sessions assessment completely that enforcement is a shame in this bill. So when I read Rand's "we'll find a place for you" speech, a cold chill ran down my spine. I fear he is prepping us for his support for this bill.

I cannot support any candidate who supports this bill. The fact that the very reasonable and fair view that real enforcement must precede amnesty is not considered acceptable by these people tells me that this bill is an act of violence against the middle and lower classes of this nation. It is a degradation of their citizenship. Further, this means a further shift to the left politically.

The is no more assimilation in this country, The very notion is ridiculed. There is no melting pot. The ideas of the founders grows more and more remote to the citizenry as the peasants flood in and are subsequently bought and paid for by the left.

Any "libertarian" politician who supports this either to false or too dumb to be president.

So I am waiting and hoping that i am reading Rand wrong on this bill and that ultimately he will stand and fight this. But if he bends and joins John and Jeb and Lindsey and Marco and Ryan, then I will know what he really is and I will run the other way.