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Chipin was great

Now out of the alternatives available, PitchInBox seems to be a good fundraising vehicle.

However, I tend to feel Kickstarter is a great platform for Ben Swann's project. Why Kickstarter? It is an established crowdsourcing platform with thousands of users, the majority of which is outside the DailyPaul community. Just by having his project there, Swann is getting free advertising to the greater diverse community outside the liberty movement that may find his project worthwhile and support it. I am convinced he has received support from such people in the greater Kickstarter community. Although we may claim him as part of the Liberty community, I suspect he sees himself as part of the greater community that honors good journalism which is magnitudes larger and so he must also reach out to them. Aside from the larger pool of potential resources he could tap with Kickstarter given their track record of million dollar drives, he probably appreciates the other aspects of the platform such as the paradigm of patronage which can coax larger contribution amounts in exchange for formal recognition (important to some people and businesses), the ability to manage communications with patrons seamlessly, and the goal driven nature of an all-or-nothing design.