Comment: I like Snowden

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I like Snowden

I like Snowden, his "prepared" interview might be a reflection of him and the Guardian agreeing to have it published in a professional manner, as to make him more credible.
I would much rather see an "articulate" and prepared whistleblower than someone fumbling for words...
You know, someone like Dubwa, or...oh, em, whatshisname, you all know what I'm talking 'bout...eerrr, Barry, there I said it.
Looks like Snowden got a good education by dropping out of H.S.
I believe Snowden did what he did because he had enough of the deception and lies he saw with the CIA in Switzerland, the director lying to Congress, and U.S. hacking China via Hong Kong.
I believe he is a real American hero, and wanted to let everyone know what's going on, because he has a conscience. I wish more Americans had his courage, he didn't even wear dark sunglasses or a wig to hide his identity. He's the real deal, in my opinion.
What good will it do for U.S. to tell China we've been "hacking" you guys for 4+ years via Hong Kong?