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You are in the dark

Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, European monarchies, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and now the anti-Semitism is being ramped up by TPTB again now that the USA Empire is set to collapse. Better scapegoat those Jews again.

You think Jews should "wake up" to the idea that Israel should be wiped off the map by the UN and radical Islam, so that we can again all be at the mercy of tyrannical dictatorships who will blame us for their crimes?

If you buy into the anti-semitism you are naïve.

Are their some Jews involved? Of course, like everyone else. Pharoah had the task-masters, as did Hitler, and Karl Marx (a "jew") states in his manifesto that the Jew must be eradicated because they are the root religion of modern Judeo-Christian / Muslim mono-theism... G-d.
If you erase the Jews you can erase the idea of G-d. The Statists want no authority greater than the State, and G-d is just that kind of authority.

The NWO are basically Nazis. What did they do?! Blame the Jews! And some here who claim to be "Liberty Movement" people actually endorse Hitler and the Nazis! Well then you endorse the NWO because they are the same people!

Keep blaming Jews like good little Nazis. You are either very gullible or are an infiltrator if you are spreading this garbage!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?