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Dearest Allison

My opinion of Ms. Wolf came after listening to her speak of 10 of the 12 planks of the communist manifesto and how we were heading dangerously close to tyranny. At the same time we had a congressman running for the presidency whose long voting record showed he voted constitutionally and therefore overwhelmingly appeared to be someone trustworthy when it came to what he said being what he meant. Basically Dr. Paul was the real deal, so why give up on the real deal for the iffy, constitutionally challenged Obama?

About the same time I heard of Obama's lack of appreciation for the constitution I also found him to come across as a used car salesman. Therefore I (even though not being a brain surgeon) was able to possess enough common sense to allow myself to know I wouldn't be voting for the one who came across as a fake over the one whose voting record stood out as constitutional.

If someone in Ms. Wolf's position, was going around the country giving speeches concerning the communist manifesto and how this country was heading dangerously in that same direction yet she couldn't manage to figure out who was the better of the two men running then perhaps she should have done a better job of researching the two men before giving speeches and most likely influencing people in her audience to vote for Obama due to her declaration of support for him.

PS... I find your snippy sarcasm delightfully adorable.