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Number 1-4 are related to the same underlying point, which I guess you didn't notice was the same message I was trying to express. Does an essay really need to be written to express an opinion? So what, I only chose one of the points. The idea behind my responses to each would be the same. And anyway, all of what is mentioned are just opinionated observations. All pointing to simple behavioral difference between Snowden and whistle blowers of the past. Because his behavior is different, there fore he is lying? C'mon ... He was doing what any SMART person would do in that situation. For goodness sakes, look at what they have done to whistle blowers of the past. Bradly Manning is still behind bars. OH MY GOD HE ACTUALLY PLANNED AHEAD? IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU.....He's a Ron Paul supporter just like you and I. Maybe he is just smarter then most of the other whistle blowers. Maybe he learned from the mistakes and woes of other whistle blowers before him and thought it out further. Maybe he actually took Ron Paul's principals seriously..... I'm not going to claim there is 0% possibility that this is a sham, anything is of course possible. But, lets not call the black sheep white, until you can actually see some strands white wool at least.

And how do you know there is a lack of lawyers? Just because you can't see something with your eyes...