Comment: Is Naomi the real Snow Job here?

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Is Naomi the real Snow Job here?

Naomi posts her write up on Facebook, which frankly seems strange concerning Facebook's willful anti-free speech activities, which are well documented. And asking where Snowden's attorney is; do you think it matters? Obviously there is no longer any expectation of privacy, no attorney client privilege. How could there be? They are listening. Aren't they?

Pretty silly points and personally I think, and have for sometime, she is ready for the rubber room. She has absorb material she cannot understand and tries to reflect in her own words the material many others have stated for decades. Whether it's a John Birch-er or a Lyndon LaRouche-ite, disseminating the information, it all seems to be coming true. And way before Naomi political prowess was so well received by the status quo. Either Naomi can handle the truth or not. Naomi's world is crashing around her and she doesn't know what to do. Or is she toting the line, giving people the feeling that someone besides themselves is noting that our liberties are slowly being strip away; or is Naomi's work just another psychological distraction.

Is Naomi just another cook slowly turning the water up to a boil?