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Comment: It looks legit to me

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It looks legit to me

No doubt there was a secure area and those circuits were split, but who they were or what they were doing exactly we will never know. This guy was told NSA, but maybe coworkers were pranking him or they were mistaken and that they were really corporate security. Who knows? We only have his testimony of third party info, and much of it is redacted.

Even so, if this were the case that NSA was in the closet, they wouldn't and couldn't do this everywhere. It's too labor intensive and messy. You have so many different signals and technologies coming together in a central office and to say that one single device (an optical splitter)is going to capture all of that is...simply not possible. Every LGX panel would have to have a splitter!

I'm sure that there's very little physical infrastructure to Prism. It has to be done with help from the equipment manufacturers and given access to their software. That's the only way I can see such a broad operation done in plain sight.