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Indeed we share..

Dear Gibson,

Indeed we share the same notion of implausibility to wit an individual could claim ignorance upon the very obvious differences between the principled statesman, Dr. Paul and the charismatic charlatan, Barack Obama.

However, I feel you dramatically underestimate the trance-like pull of partisanship. Many a well-meaning person, struggle to resist the draw of rooting for their team whether Yankees v. Red Sox, or Republican v. Democrat.

Ms. Wolf a known liberal Democrat obviously was struggling, i.e. cognitive dissonance whilst writing her first liberty book, "End of America" seeing the erosion of Liberty all around her, yet unfortunately failing to muster the courage to carry said concern through to the voting booth.

Thus, perhaps think of the actionable contradiction you witnessed as but comparable to a flower in bloom, i.e. you caught her in the midst of transition from a bleeding-heart STATE worshiper to that of a pamphleteer for Liberty, much in the same vein of Mr. Paine, who I might add also leaned a tinge towards preferring activist government.

Nevertheless, few would doubt his loyalty to the Glorious Cause, whereby his treatises not only helped move more Americans towards secession from Great Britain, but also preserved the solidarity of General Washington's rag tag group of regulars.

I suppose time will tell, as it most assuredly always does, whether Ms. Wolf is merely a provocative contrarian in the vein of Mr. Beck or is one who has fully and properly stands against the direct imposition of tyranny to wit we so obviously face.

P.S. Thank you for your appreciation of my adorable snark. :)