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Comment: the 'isms' are nothing but propaganda

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the 'isms' are nothing but propaganda

used by a small group of criminals to steal wealth & power from the populace by deceiving them.

The 'collective' does not control or own anything under 'communism'. 'Collective' is nothing but a word. Point to it in the real world. It doesn't exist. Its a mere concept. - -What exists is individuals. Stalin got others to carry out his orders. Through many individuals he controlled many other people and material resources & wealth. He 'owned' a great deal of resources in that he was able to control their use during his lifetime. He and a relatively small group under him controlled the USSR, not any 'collective'.
Hitler, who became the head of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) party in Germany also controlled that country with a small group of his top people. Many of those rulers included the executives of major German industries.

I hope you get my point. People get caught up in words and theories and explanations. They think the isms and tales they are told about them are real. People go to war and die over such word manipulation.