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Jon Rappoport is a long time investigative journalist . . .

(one of the few still out there) and a guy who spent many years learning/teaching logic. He's outside of the false 'left' vs 'right' paradigm.
He warns that this might be result of an intelligence agency turf war. Like most people, I have absolutely No Idea of what's going on behind the scenes, but Jon does present some good points & something to think about. Check out his posts on this topic over the last few days. If you like logical thinking and sound arguments, I think you'll enjoy his writing:

As for the claim that Wolf is pushing the idea that Snowden is an agent for China, there is nothing like that at all in her article. Wolf wonders if the leak is for the purpose of frightening the American people (including journalists) into recognizing how extensive the police state is in order to intimidate them.

People need to improve their reading comprehension skills. It helps if you read without preconceptions of what the writer will say before you actually read what they wrote.

I haven't read much at all that Wolf wrote in the past, but nothing in her article was anti Liberty. Actually the opposite is the case, though I don't agree with all her views expressed in it.

If this NSA fellow is everything he says he is . . . terrific. He is a man of principle and a hero to our nation. . . . But we need to ask questions and examine what we are told.