Comment: Why the -Minus votes?

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Why the -Minus votes?

I'm not trying to in any way discredit the info that Snowden leaked, nor it's significance to the fact we are turning into a 1984 NWO!

I'm saying she's correct when she says Big-Brother is a lot more powerful when everyone is afraid of big-brother because they know it's watching them. Then people comply without TPTB even having to force them. Out of fear of eventual force brought to bear.

Why should we put it past the ever progressing ever encroaching NWO to do something like this to DISCLOSE the surveillence state?

Those who -minused my comment...
Did you read my comment in full, or just the title? Why not reply to my comment countering my points with your own if you feel you have a point and it seems correct and is consistant with liberty? Or are you just another one (or 5) of the many Government infilth-traitors who were exposed in this leak, here to cover for the big-picture?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?