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Maybe... something like that

There are definitely competing (if not warring) factions within our government and further within the intelligence community. I think whether they say it is the CIA, NSA, FBI, or whatever is pretty much irrelevant. They all have the same access to your info, the same spy tech, contract the same companies and violate the same laws and the same constitutional oath.

Certainly a large portion of our government in all areas has been infiltrated and compromised by the enemies of freedom.

I believe this whole thing was orchestrated as disclosure. The cat was out of the bag long ago and the more the word spread through the grapevine the more resentment of the government there was.

At least now they have the fear of the secret spy network to keep you in line. Not quite as efficient as willful servitude and ignorance, but it does the job.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?