Comment: I'm talking about MSM not Greenwald when I say...

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I'm talking about MSM not Greenwald when I say...

Do we really trust the media that much, still?

I say there is no way he got out of the country without help from high up.
All this info about the NSA & gov't spying on everyone was already well known about (or at least suspected) among the Liberty community and even mainstream America. TPTB might as well admit to it, and so it becomes OK. It is now the Status Quo. It is now Normal.

So the 4th amendment gone, is the new normal. Also, telling the truth about the criminals in gov't, gets you labeled a traitor. And in case you didn't know it is those Ron Paul supporters who are the traitors, like Snowden.

Also; Media has covered-up, ignored and ridiculed many previous reports and leaks of the same exact type of spying. They normally buried this kind of thing. But instead they are on 24 hour news cycle letting you know this is all normal, there is nothing you can do about it, your cell phone provider is selling you out, you are a traitor if you speak out, and by the way it's Ron Paul's fault.

Now Snowden is a character in a book ("Catch-22") about tyrannical gov't who is murdered same way as the Patsi, disemboweled? Sounds like this whole thing is a gov't Psy-Op complete with NWO mafia symbolism.

America is gone, the NWO is here. So it begins.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?