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Comment: In theory.

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In theory.

Marx talked about the workers rising up and forcing communism. Didn't and won't happen. So his ridiculous ideas were stolen be the 20th century Vangaurd Party (ruling party) Communists. They began with Vanguard party socialism (socialism: society owns the means of production). As they were transitioning to full-scale communism (Vanguard party-style, of course) in the late 20s and early 30s they realized it would not work. Think holodomor. The same progression happened with Mao ending with the Great Leap Forward (see above). Marx's ideas are really useless for any folks desiring power. Even though they were laudable, they were foolhardy and obviously conjured up by someone with no economic background or business savvy. Marx wanted to get rid of the State! How cool is that? But no power-monger wants to get rid of the State or class structure so his ideas were whittled down to Vangaurd party Marxism.

The 'collective' (general use) is a term that describes how bees and ants get along. They are instinctively like one organism. This is a wet dream of the power-mongers: to have humans behave in this fashion. Socialism and communism can not work without some biological change in humans. As Rothbard puts it, "Who's going to take out the garbage?" lol.

Here is my theory. Modern human behavior began roughly 50,000 years. Civilization only began, at least as recorded (written word), 5000 years ago. When division of labor in a hierarchical system promised more consistent meals, humans were all psyched up about it. What other species use division of labor and hierarchies? Why, it's the ants and bees. But, we have not yet evolved to be like bees and ants in the tiny evolutionary time frame of 5000 years. I think we will, and the rulers are pushing it, 'cause they know. So, unfortunately for libertarians, civilization may be causing a biological change in our wiring to be more of a collective species.

The good news is bees are not all eusocial. They can be either presocial (solitary but social), subsocial, parasocial (including communal, quasisocial, and semisocial), or eusocial. I suppose it will all depend on the level of dominance of the 'queen'. Humans are now nearly eusocial, with the exception of reproducing vs. non-reproducing grouping. But we know eugenics is another rulers wet dream and on the agenda.