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Excellent points . . .

most of Wolfs arguments are rather lame IMO. For example - in point F she seems not to know that HK was retaken by China long ago & they run it. Her point E made me think "wtf ?" - - - if this is her general level of thinking/writing I won't be spending a lot of time reading her stuff.

The one point that she made that caused me to be concerned is point D - bringing attention to the public of how extensive the police state is, in order to intimidate them & have a chilling effect. The MSM is pounding on this story pretty hard, and that makes me suspicious. They ignore the most important. They don't air what their masters don't want them to cover. Other whistleblowers have come out with this kind of information before and it got no attention. Why now ? -- Its too early to tell what is going to happen. So far, most of our 'representatives' in Congress seem to be doing what their true masters want - and are defending the spying as 'needed' for 'national security'. The polls Ive seen (again, its early) are about 50:50. Will anyone be sanctioned for criminal activity ? Or will people end up cheering "USA, USA, USA !" like they did in Boston ? (Not literally, of course. But in going along and supporting their enslavement.) If absolutely nothing happens as a result, it will be a very good indication that the people don't care and that our nation is truly lost. Perhaps that's the point and this is a test for that ? This is just speculating of course. But when I mentioned that the new i-gadget that a relative was using tracked his every move, he shrugged and said "they're tracking everything anyway" and went about just as before. His kids will pay for that level of indifference, - in the country they will inherit. I hope that attitude isn't widespread.

You make some excellent arguments regarding Wolf's article. At the same time, people shouldn't automatically and completely accept Snowden's account at face value. Wolf being wrong on many points doesn't make Snowden right, or necessarily all that he appears to be.

We just need to be cautious. Jon Rappoport (investigative journalist not trapped in the false 'left' vs 'right' paradigm makes some excellent observations on this topic and a far better argument than Wolf for being cautious in our judgement of Snowden) He speculates that this could be an intel agency turf war.