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As much as we generally disagree, I don't vote you down. ; )

Hunger, besides natural causes, comes from technocrats trying to run the market. If there is no actual market with a price mechanism, as in socialism and communism, how does the technocrat know how much, or what needs producing? He/she can not know. They need feed back via a price mechanism to find the demand.

Another problem is, "Who is going to take out the garbage?". Also, when inputting into a system, and individual knows that their tiny contribution to the whole will not be missed, but when it comes to taking out of the system, an individual will sees an enormous benefit to himself if he takes out a large portion. So nothing gets done, no one knows what to do or how much needs produced, no one wants to take out the garbage, and everyone starves. Cannibalism commences. End of story.