Comment: USS Liberty was on the nautical border

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USS Liberty was on the nautical border

The USS Liberty had no business being on the border of 12 nautical miles out. No one in the USA knew she was there, minding Israel's business. USA didn't tell the American people. It was all a bif secret. and you refuse to accept that.

Let me put it to you this way, even if the USS Liberty was not on the border of 12 nautical miles, ISRAEL KNEW that the USS Liberty was on a secret mission to spy on Israel.. so Israel sent the USA a WAKE THE F UP MESSAGE.. GET OUT YANKS!!!! F OFF to never never land you spying blackmailing FRN whores who cheat your own people, lie about wars, kill your your students.. STAY OUT.

Damn good message and well deserved.

Did I make myself clear how much I agree with Israel for blasting the USS Liberty out of the water?

No one needed a "nuetral Party" when the UN was all over the friggin place.

The USA isn't an ally. HELLO! The USA sent all the lettters from Russians seeking asylm from Stalin, TO Stalin himself, who promply murdered everyone of them.

The USA stood with England who occupied Palestine from 1917p until Israeli with broken british weapen whipped their butts in 1948.

There was a war going on, and the USA was not asked to be a nuetral participant. The USA needs to STOP entangling it's corporate concerns with military and losing the lives of Americans simply doing their jobs.

It is the USA that is in the wrong concerning the USS Liberty and the COVER UP by the USA prove it all.

About the only thing youre proving is you are no fan of Israel. Your loss.