Comment: Granger, You Are Correct About One Thing

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Granger, You Are Correct About One Thing

I do not support a regime that kills innocent people on a regular basis, that violates the international rule of law, that oppresses and indigenous people to deny them their basic god-given right to live and work on their own land to provide for their families. That is the Zionist way, your way, Granger.

No matter how hard you try to make a case for Israel, you cannot excuse away the treachery of murder with jingoistic rhetoric. The government of Israel is continuously at war with its neighbors, illegally occupies Palestinian land and is the single greatest threat to peace in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the United States Navy does not need to seek permission from that Zionist spit of dirt to sail anywhere on the global waters of the Earth including the international waters that border Israel's sovereignty. It is our right.

Your words clearly reveal yourself to be a foreign agent of Israel. You and the rest of the war criminals in Tel Aviv deserve each other.