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I believe I said amnesty is acceptable with real enforcement

I don't get your point at all. What about the next twenty million that enter after this group is taken care of? Without border control, this same scenario plays itself out over and over again.

Do you know how many babies of people here on visitor's visa's are born into US citizenship under emergency medicaid paid for by you? Do you know how many are allowed in more than 5 months pregnant? If, as Dr. Paul says, we have no money for foreign entanglements and wars, from whence does the money come for this?

Do you honestly believe the Rubio lie that this means "15,000,000 more tax payers", as though adding to an impoverished underclass will make us all wealthier?

I am struggling to understand your motives. Do you accept the simplistic stupidity of these arguments because you haven't learned to think, or do you really want a cataclysmic collapse of American society?
Do you hope for one, either because you want to try out your neat survivalist skills and stores of food and ammo? Or do you just want the consequences of all this to provide the cover for more and more Government?

I reject the idea that the Govt cannot restrict the employment of illegals. I reject the idea that there is no way to avoid putting them on the public dole.

As I said, I accept a compassionate program to help and assimilate those already established here, primarily because they are here at the complicity of a corrupt and cynical Gov't. But only if measures are taken to prevent this from happening over and over again.

Do you think there won't be a market for illegal workers after these folks are legalized and under minimum wage and Obamacare? Is your position that it is desirable to continue this cycle over and over up to a total of 50,000,000? 100,000,000?

No one can truly be a constitutionalist and want an unlimited number of poor immigrants flooding into this country to have their children indoctrinated by inner city public schools on the blessings of big government and the evils of the racist founders.

This notion of the desirability of open borders is the poison pill within libertarianism. To think that real freedom means no borders is to deny the reality that only in a consensus on the the rights of man and the legitimate role of government is there hope.