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There are Sooooooo many

There are Sooooooo many question they need to answer, i just wished that one person would come along and at least ask the majority of them in one sitting, from someone who knows the answer and see's how wrong it is

i.e. has google given encryption keys in any way shape or form to the nsa, that allows them to decrypt encryptions that is "advertised" to be secure

Im learning as i go along, whereas before i thought questions like these were for some reason to much, or "out there" in the realms of possibility, but then reading comments from god bless em, users who know and remember cases past and present.....well, it gets to the point, where you HAVE to start asking the questions, you think is not worth asking, because you think "nah, they wouldnt take it that far, they wouldnt be THAT stupid".........

its not about implying that they do it, its about making sure, THEY DONT, and about being informed if they DO, and not letting something so monumental, so UNIQUE from happening without the peoples awareness, input and most assuredly, permission.....TO THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL.........a nation based on voluntarism......a nation where the power goes back to where it belongs, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.US