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It was a similar climate in 1980. Reagan appeared to be a great liberty candidate. Partisanship mattered less in the 1980 election and Reagan marched right into the white house despite harsh treatment from the press (which never ceased). He took the oath and starting acting like a good president and then he got shot. After that, he became no better or worse than any other president in recent memory. He became the founder of neo-conservatism. Will the same thing happen with Rand? Are we fooling ourselves to believe that this system at its current level of entropy can be saved by a good man? Or will the entropy turn the good man into a bad man? Or will it simply render him impotent? What if the executive branch is largely operating outside the control of the executive himself? I think this is very likely the case and yet presidents get blamed for things the NSA does in the dark. I think the NSA does what it wants and doesn't care about who is president.