Comment: I'd say, save that energy

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I'd say, save that energy

I'd say, save that energy when its needed, when you guys as one nation, finaly stands up and says as one "enough is enough"
edit:maybe your already there, i dont think these things are calculable, that just another beauty of it.....but i do thing you chaps and ladies are long overdue for one...

But gathering there to show them that people still care about these things, hell yeah......i think that is something not many people can ignore.....and if they continue to do so in the face of that, well, your plan will no doubt start to sound pretty good by then

And the unfunny thing about it, is that they litterally bring it on themselves, and some dont realise it, that it is a REACTION, to THEIR ACTION

Playing the "victim", by "playing" dumb, or being WILLFULLY uneducated just infuriates and quickens their demise in "authority"

The info you provided.....that right there.....that right there! +1......million :)