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It seems to be an ongoing contest between the

Military industrail, NSA and the CIA. The military in violation of the constitution want to control spy info everywhere and the private Rothschild copo family rokerfeller/bush, CIA which IMHO both are controlled by the ROthschild bank mafia's private state IzUnReal.

Why does this country fund a rogue state that has theived its atomic weaponry and refuses to be monitored by any outside source?

At the very same time Iran is demonized for atempting to acomplish the very same thing that IzUnReal has done they think that everyone is to stupid to even notice. Are they right?

How discusting to see congress cheer for any IzUnReal notion or visiting dignitory while they destroy the USA.

I just wonder if a Native American (Indian) was to stand before congress and repeat the EXACT same words as nit wit yahoo the x cnn liar anouncer, how would it be recieved.
The point is that the fed gov is sold out.