Comment: If robots can take over all

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If robots can take over all

If robots can take over all productive work, then the international elites will have no need for human workers. Robots will be able to produce all the wealth the elites desire. It becomes unnecessary for human workers to consume to keep the economic treadmill going.

Once we reach that point, I think the problem for the elites is what to do with all of the human labor that has become superfluous. Billions of people around the world will have no means to support themselves, but they'll have plenty of idle time on their hands. All those hungry billions at the bottom of the pyramid would covet what those at the top possess. The elites might fear rebellion and revolution even more than they do now. A possible solution for them is to eliminate the discontented and superfluous masses through war. Or maybe famine or a pandemic.

The source of their power and control is fractional reserve banking, which they've centralized under the international central banking system. If we can get rid of fractional reserve banking, then we can neuter the international elite and we the people can retake the American economy and have it work for us rather than for them.

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