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The closest thing to a

The closest thing to a natural monopoly might be the guild system, which in theory was an IP monopoly, ie we keep our secret of how to make a certain type of glass, but even there they always had to use force when the secret inevitably came out to suppress competition. Eventually they would merge with state power when such occurred. That era was really composed of many competing small states. But it was much better than fewer. Note how upset the bad guys get over the idea of Syria balkanizing, or, the greatest of heresies, the US doing so, oh noes!

Ask your 'left libertarian' buds for an example(s) of a natural monopoly to study. Once you start looking at them, and if you understand a bit of economics, you'll see they were coercive rackets like always.

Or you might be first to document a genuine natural monopoly.. but don't bet on it:)