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Theft is Theft

Theft is theft. Force is force. Fraud is fraud. It doesn't matter to me if somebody crashed into my house in their vehicle because:

a) They are distracted by a blimp
b) They are talking on their cell phone
c) They are getting a hand job while driving
d) They are stoned
e) They are drunk
f) They are 16 and learning to drive
g) They are 90 and had a heart attack while driving
h) They fell asleep at the wheel
i) Any other reason

Ultimately, if property damage was done or something was stolen or somebody was hurt or defrauded, there are laws (which are quite libertarian) to deal with these things. Making a special set of laws to punish people who use force, fraud or theft while under the influence of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme does not make any sense.

There are an incalculable number of reasons why a weak person would turn to crime that preys on their neighbors and community. Legislating against specific reasons is more about taste and less about the rule of law. In fact, it undermines the rule of law. Why? Because maybe me and my political faction want to irrationally ban something your tastes agree with because ours don't.

Go and check out the Peter King type politicians from 80 years ago lining their pockets with bribes from chemical and paper companies while giving testimony on congress that 'Marijuana' (a made up name) was causing Mexicans to rape white women and therefore it presented a threat to public safety and should be banned. You can't make this stuff up and you don't have to. The tools are still saying the same thing, but have changed it to be politically correct for the American audience of 2013.