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I don't mean to call you out on

the opinion. It seems logical enough based on what's circulating in the media. But that's the problem. It's just crap circulating in the media. Your talking about political fractions and governments, and individuals and then implying their intents and persuasions. Apart from your personal experiences and interactions with a small subset of people that might be able to give you some genuine incite into what's going on in the middle east, we only have information that is purposely fed to us. We don't KNOW any of this. So I just wanted to assert that we should all be less certain of what's going thousands of miles away. For instance, what is Al-Qaeda? It sounds like a basic question, right? But, I've never heard a trustworthy answer. In fact, there's a fair bit of evidence that says it might be an entirely bogus label made up for media purposes in the first place. Yet, it still gets used as if it has a specific meaning and refers to specific people. Way back just after 9-11, when we first heard of this term, I watched an Afghan woman say that Al-Qaeda were just Afghan men. She was dressed in traditional looking garb and spoke perfect English. Does that make sense? None of this is trust worthy.