Comment: Rand would be nothing without Ron

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Rand would be nothing without Ron

Not just literally regarding his existence. But politically as well. imo, Rand is just a means for the tea baggers and conservatives to not lose face. Since they are all to cowardice to admit they were wrong and Ron has been right this whole time.

Rand is reaching more people, but he had to compromise on the non aggression principal and voted along side the statists on the Iran sanctions. Its hard for me to call Rand's attention a success for liberty as this is the most important principal of ours. What kind of message are we really trying to send? Not to mention the debates we shall have with the indoctrinated ones. They will call hypocrite...They will bring up the fact that his father Ron considers sanctions an act of war. I truly don't believe Rand believes in sanctions, but I think he voted that way to play the politics game....not sure which is worse...

I will concede I still like Rand and I still believe by far he is the only reasonable person in all of congress (not including amash, and massie of course. I think they are more solid on liberty principals then Rand).