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You say "knowing that it is bad for them"

You say "knowing that it is bad for them". That is very subjective and many people have commented here with links to prove that smoking marijuana is far from dangerous.

Furthermore, as I have stressed (as have the majority of comments)...this is about freedom, which is why most of us are here. There are many habits that many may argue are bad for us (e.g., overeating, alcohol, smoking, too much sun, not getting exercise, using cell phones, eating GMO produce full of pesticides, walking across the street, etc.), but I certainly don't want to see any of these legislated more than they already are. This is about freedom. If someone wants to continue tanning without sunblock and roll the dice, go for it. Who am I to stop them?

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin