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didn't "try" anything. I DID provide links to actual medical studies that CLEARLY show the beneficial physiological properties of ingesting cannabis in one form or another..
You however, have provided NOTHING to back up your claims other than more ignorant parroting of talking points you picked up somewhere. So until you bring some tangible evidence to back up your claims, you'll continue to lose this argument in spectacular fashion.

As far as children are concerned, I will quote Willie Nelson when he was asked the same question by Larry King.

"I don't think children should put anything in their lungs. But, when they are old enough to be drafted and sent to another country to shoot and and be shot at by someone they may or may not have personal reasons with, then they are old enough to put whatever they want into their bodies."

Why don't you take a break and use that time to educate yourself on the health benefits that I provided? Then you can make a better informed decision as to what you think children should be taught in schools, because what they are being "taught" in schools today is a load of horseshit.

Then, provide some PROOF that cannabis is actually PHYSICALLY addictive because I'd like to see it.. Having some lazy unmotivated friends growing up, does not constitute a scientific analysis. Sure it is being "abused" by some, but so is hand soap. (see OCD)

Tracing society's decline to cannabis use/abuse is beyond absurd. There are probably half a dozen other factors that are responsible that I won't waste the time explaining because you are so backwards in your thinking.