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I have a similar outlook to

I have a similar outlook to life as what you just stated, but i do believe one can have the ability to self teach, with an unrestricted access to education through the internet, where one actively and naturally becomes interested and researches, the very thing that interests them, i never learned about the constitution through shool, or the little history i know now, i was exposed to them over the years of my life, through words, through media, from those who even then, cared about our liberties, but not limited by "then", ive come to realise only now, it left a mark on my life, how do i know this on the dailypaul writing about things like THIS

Its about learning what you love, and picking up the rest, the very process of learning what you love, helping you pick up the rest.......i think it is deffinatly possible, but i dont think its deffinatly thinking generational

:) You made me think, sorry if i was unknowingly confrontational, i think both sides are capable, the established and the untried, both can be good, and both can be bad.......but i think the untried is a path that would trully change the world

good - bad? i dont know
What, i THINK!?

I think weve been told to many times if we dont do a certain thing a certain way, that the world would naturally fall into chaos, that we at some point, started to believe that the case......what i think, is, that we all have the natural instinct to life, and that we would TRY to make it essentially, WHAT WE HAVE NOW........except a way where EVERYONE has the same rights, that opposition will only come from those who believe in power, corruption, greed, war, essentially, imagine a real world x marks the spot on their naturelly identify, not implications of violence, if that is what you got from that

Edit. wow, sorry, that was pretty long and i believe, over general, as i said, you made me think, and i thank thee for it :)