Comment: My apologies to you...

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My apologies to you...

for erroneously giving the impression that I am a gamer.

I don't actually think I could make my question any more clear, but I'll try. :)

In the comment to which I initially refer, you lumped together Buddhism, atheism, and spirituality. I am completely unclear as to what you meant by "spirituality", but for the sake of brevity I shall henceforth drop it from the discourse.

You believe Buddhists to be atheists. I have no concern regarding what you may think of Buddhists or Buddhism, but in your claim you imply you know what Communists think of Buddhists. You tread thin ice there. For the most part Communists have regarded Buddhists to be conservative and religious. Communists have persecuted Buddhists with the same zeal they've applied to Christians. You sent me three links in attempt to show evidence of Buddhism being "very popular among communists". Yes, I also have other things to do, but I didn't waste in my time watching the videos you supplied. They were enlightening, thank you. However, I found no evidence in any of them to support your notion that Buddhism is very popular among communists. As you supplied me with multiple links I surmised that such a gesture is, to you, an acceptable act of communication in this forum. As such I replied in kind with a single [yes, time is precious] link revealing "Buddhist monks who demand religious freedom and their longtime foe: Communist Party leadership", "China's Communist Party has suppressed Buddhists, sometimes brutally", and "Mao's efforts to strip China of capitalism and religion while imposing socialism resulted in the destruction of hundreds of Buddhist temples and the deaths of thousands of monks."

I'll attempt to be even more clear. Your first link showed nothing of Buddhists. Your third link showed nothing of Communists. Your second link at least went to a potentially revealing corner of the world where Communists and Buddhists have struggled to co-exist, but alas, no mention of anything Buddhist was made beyond an erroneous, presumptive and ultimately deceiving title that the video's poster had applied. I am confident that my link shot to the heart of the matter.

Buddists [that weren't killed, imprisoned, or hiding in some way their Buddhism] fled Communist China. As Commusim entered Viet Nam, Buddhists again suffered persecution or fled. Perhaps you were previously unaware of such phenomena.

I've sympathized with your commentary for the most part here at the DP as I too have been a direct participant in Republican Party politics. I started out a Republican in 1980 [as I was 18]. I then moved into involvement with the Libertarian Party, campaigned and voted for Ron Paul in 1988. The 90s were a blur until Ralph Nader rocked my world and provided an outlet for my passion until RP's return to the national stage. I've remained largely Republican at the State and local levels of participation aside from my stint with the Independence Party as Jesse Ventura was involved [I live in Minnesota]. My sympathy stems from my empathty from having been in a position to sometimes defend my apparent support for Mitt Romney. I mention this because it is somewhat related to the general topic of this comment. Romney had a moment that garnered my respect and made it easier to defend him on the rare occassions that I found myself doing so. I saw him race out in disdain from an interview with Jan Mickelson. I had nothing but high regard for Jan Mickelson before that moment. At first Mickelson seemed to be vetting him regarding his ability to address people's fears about his Mormonism. Much to my satisfaction Romney eloquently replied to Mickelson's concerns. Michelson kept driving further in apparent attempt to transform the discussion into theology. Michelson almost seemed to lack the discipline to thwart his own temptation to discuss theology, as he had earlier claimed that he didn't intend to discuss Mormon theology. Michelson brutally prodded the topic... Romney fled, a free man!