Comment: I'm going to donate $10 next paycheck

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I'm going to donate $10 next paycheck

Money is tight right now but I want to have this hit the mainstream. I'm hoping there is some way for the general public to watch it who might not otherwise. I too donated a lot of money to the Paul campaign, at least a lot for me, $201.20. I was hoping for a President Paul, but I hope my $ went to good use.

So I share somewhat the same sentiment, and I hope a lot of the FRN's go to making the project mainstream instead of just peddling to us already in the know. I am operating under the assumption that a lot of that $$$ is going to promotion.

I suspect you will get an answer from Jeremy as to where the $ is going. I know they want good production and I understand that, but my hopes are that a lot goes to promotion.

I had my mother "like" Ben Swann on facepalm, because I don't have an account, and she changed parties. Unfortunately, she voted for the wrong guy (Wrongney.)

Anyways, I hope this post is sincere and not made to create division, and will hopefully create some transparency and hopefully responses and action will show these segments hit people who only watch mainstream news.

We can share all we want, but everything I share with people who only watch mainstream media, only maybe 1% will actually read or watch what I send them, and even 1% is probably a stretch.

So I hope promotion is a lot of the $ to get started. Even if it isn't, I'll stick chip in a few FRN's to watch the videos (I have an audience of one other than me who is a liberty loving son.)