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Comment: video production isn't the only expense...

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video production isn't the only expense...

A news reporter doesn't just sit in studio. Remember that he has to fly around the country (perhaps the world) to get scoops, interview people...

And I'm sure part of that budget will go towards advertising as well. It may not be a "world-class distribution platform", but he will have to spend money to get the word out.

I think it's important to establish liberty "infrastructure", as well. Once Ben has the thing going, it's much easier to leverage those resources/pivot to the next information campaign.

The comment about "off-cycle political year" isn't really relevant, IMO... This is about much more than winning elections. We all know how important it is to educate the public and build a base of people who have an accurate picture of what is happening in the world.

Long story short... I donated!