Comment: I love Ben’s journalistic approach

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I love Ben’s journalistic approach

Like everyone on the Daily Paul (I would like to presume), there would be little else better in life than to see Ben Swann rockin it out of the park. And while the purpose of this project is without a doubt to be heralded it is also a vision without a plan. At least not a plan that is written and available for the general public to read and review. I hope this won’t be a reason that the full amount will not be attained because with Kick Starter it is an all or nothing value proposition. Here is what I love about Ben, don’t like about the Kick Starter model and a question we may all want to consider.

I love Ben’s journalistic approach; his concise reporting of the facts and revealing story telling style are without equal in mainstream media. I don’t see anyone in the broadcast news profession who can accomplish so much with such a short segment. He reminds me of John Stossel (from my generation) who discusses both sides of the issue - but he has the ability to earn an almost “Walter Cronkite” respect (from my father’s generation) and type of trust from this younger generation. He has EPIC appeal.

Going into business without a plan is like going to war without a strategy. You can always start it but there is going to be a cost you didn’t expect. This effort takes Ben, Jeremy and at least a dozen other people’s (according to the Schiff interview) time, energy and focus. It also taps an exhausted body of loyal Ron Paul followers. These men and women have given their time and resources to eight years of prolonged campaigning, depending upon how long they have been participating in the animating contest of freedom. Asking for one and a quarter million dollars in this economy without a more formalized plan could be asking a bit much.

Now let’s look at the numbers for their part of the story. First let’s examine what it would take “on average” to accomplish the goal of raising $1.25 million in 45 days. Well you would need to raise $25,000 dollars seven days a week and if every person gave an average of $50.00 that would mean you had 556 people a day making a financial commitment to the project. Of course you can decrease the amount in half but you would have to double the number of people per day. As of now the average is 404 people per day contributing $69.

It is 4:30PM (PST) on June 15, 2013 and we are five days into the funding with $139,453 raised by 2,023 contributors. That represents 11.16% of the total amount of money required and only in the first 5 days, which just happens to be 11.11% of the 45 days in total. Now forty five days remain. The project is exactly on target and to the good by a small percentage. But this amount (almost) has to be doubled just to pay off the 10% commission being paid to Amazon and Kick Starter, providing the total amount is reached. Let’s call that Plan A.

My question is what is the Plan B?

The audience is listening.