Comment: Maybe Audio Only "Reality Checks" will be created for

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Maybe Audio Only "Reality Checks" will be created for

radio stations or maybe money can be spent advertising to tell people WHERE they can watch Ben's show online. Although I've only got about a 5% success rate waking people up over the past 4 -5 years, I've got a better than 50% success rate in getting people to turn off the TV. Once they break the habit of sitting in front of the tube, they have been much more receptive to watching the videos and movies I email them.

Once people start watching Ben I expect they will want more. I'm surprised that some group or company has not been able to get a TV channel up that would cater to Truth and Reality and become a first home for professionals that want to get out the message of liberty.

However, I never watch TV anymore and the younger generation does get most of their news and entertainment from the it seems to me that the key to Bens success is making his show real easy to find online.

Paying google or other search engines to appear at the top of the search...having a quick blurb with url info in ads or stratgically placed somewhere the public will see them so people will know where to find him etc is going to be very important.

If he would expose the Federal Reserve System in a brutally honest way that the average person locked inside the matrix could just get a clue about that criminal institution would surly have people wanting to know more.