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I'm not so concerned about

I'm not so concerned about the price per episode as I am for asking to finish 100 episodes before doing just 5-10 to see how it goes. 100 episodes is like for 2 years of episodes. Way too much to commit to before seeing fi they even work.

Why not do 10 or 5 and see how it goes? Then people can see what exactly you do and how the money is spent, AND THEN they can decide if it is worth it. I will be surprised if he raises 1.2 million, and if not, they wasted all this time for nothing because Kickstarter does not give money unless you reach the goal.

How do we know most of the money isn't just being pocketed for salaries? How do we know they are spending the money wisely and not on junk (picture/production quality)?

Why not make sure and prove yourself first?

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