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Comment: To what degree is Rand committed to party over principle?

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To what degree is Rand committed to party over principle?

I like many things about Rand and he has already taken some very impressive actions in the senate, yet there also are some things that I find very concerning.

What is potentially at stake for the "liberty movement" if a candidate who advocates "principles of liberty" gets elected and yet does not have the strength of character to stand on principle against the military industrial complex, for example? I honestly believe Ron would have been able to do it to a large degree, yet I am unfortunately skeptical that Rand is ready for that.

I remember seeing Rand interviewed at the RNC convention where he appears to be unwilling to acknowledge directly that the RNC's treatment towards his father was clearly unethical and unfair. Instead he seems to rationalize tactics over principle:

Ron Paul once said, "Patriotism never demands obedience to the state but rather obedience to the principles of liberty." Does this not extend to include obedience to a party?