Comment: i bet if someone pointed out

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i bet if someone pointed out

i bet if someone pointed out these pictures were from syria and were syrian rebels everyone would lose interest since the syrian rabble w/ american guns and funding aren't popular here.

it seems like bored europeans and american pants weetting leftists can't find a riot or mob in the middle east they don't support, or even in their own countries.

they especially like foreign riots and mobs from a distyance that they don't have to smell or mingle with. in their own countries, they like to bend over for a$ S inspections at the airport though. yall are fun.

the attitude seems to be that any crowd or mob of discontented people, no matter their cause or backing, who gather with the intention to break something are lauded as noble, while any attempt to maintain order and law anywhere in the world, whatever the reason, is a sign of descending tyranny.

some of you just want to see stuff get broke on youtube and dont care how why or by who. kind of a neocon "wreck the world to save the world" mentality, no?