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Maybe Rand in the white house

Maybe Rand in the white house would be great for the liberty movement... however that does not seem to be a foregone conclusion.

What is potentially at stake for the "liberty movement" if a candidate who advocates "principles of liberty" gets elected and yet does not have the strength of character to stand on principle against the military industrial complex, for example?

Is it a foregone conclusion that a Ted Cruz in the white house would likewise be great for the liberty movement? After all, he does sign his name following "In Liberty".

I do like many things about Rand and he has in many ways exceeded expectations... nevertheless, It seems to me that the risk of a neo-neo-con hijacking of the "liberty movement" is real and growing.

For example, William Kristol recently wrote an article titled "Born Free" where he writes that the IRS scandal is about "liberty" and "self-government"... he speaks of exposing the "bureaucratic arrogance that lies beneath the claims of governmental benevolence". Less than a week later he wrote an article titled "IRS Bad, NSA Good" where he quotes "America's leading libertarian legal thinkers" to back-up his claim that the NSA is "Good". This is after the NSA prism program was revealed... indeed his paper was in response to Snowdens revelations.

Rand appears to be walking a fine line... how he would walk that line if he were to be elected president is hardly certain.