Comment: Thank you for voting down all my posts, and upvoting yours

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Thank you for voting down all my posts, and upvoting yours

That is surely the sign of maturity. It also negatively affects your "Recent Reception" as I learned a week ago, and you just did.

Vomit? No, you keep saying things that I should respond to. I review my posts and comments on a regular basis to see if anyone has responded, and then respond to them. You commented twice in the interval (last night while I was at the pub), and seemed to think that my not commenting meant that I communicated something. So after that, I made sure to respond to your comments, otherwise you would assume I was saying something in my silence.

Christian? Where did you get that from?

To clarify, "word one" was exactly this:

"The 1984 Apple video is "private"
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I couldn't watch it. :("

What is self-righteous about telling you that you posted an erroneous link? (Am I being trolled?)

"Snarky" was in the second post (comment, actually; the page is the post), not the first as you misstated.

To be clear, you did not "leave an apology", you said "If you are looking for an apology, you can have it." -- parsing that statement, the apology is in the future. The question about anything I might have learned is irrelevant, because -- you posted a broken link.

If you would read my posting history (note, that is stories posted, not comments on the stories, but reviewing those will also help you understand who I am), you might change your opinion on my value.

But that's up to you; I've seen good posts of yours, as well as comments, and I am not adding you to my block list. Kids will be kids, no matter how old they are. Hopefully we all grow up, someday.

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