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friends are lazy. Marijuana has nothing to do with it. I had a friend who went to rehab over being addicted to pain killers that doctors prescribed him. He drank one night and got really sick because he was on pain killers as well. He almost died. He got out of rehab, got his degree and now works as an engineer. He also told me not one person was in rehab for marijuana. Mostly it was pills and alcohol. Oh but hey.. that is legal right?

Second, people who smoke are going to smoke it any way. Putting some one in a cage shows how insane you are. Do you feed your kids candy? You should be thrown in jail for damaging their teeth.

Third, my uncle is a millionaire. He is 79 years old and eats marijuana all the time and has never stopped. He owns 4 Hotels and a theme park.

Forth, My aunt has Glaucoma and she told me marijuana is her savior.

Fifth, it is a natural plant.

Sixth, I don't even smoke, or drink. But I am smart enough to mind my own business. Are they harming me? Nope

Seventh - I live in a bad neighborhood. And people make a scene all the time. Oh and guess what... they are drinking alcohol. What a surprise. That is the same stuff they advertise a million times as we watch our favorite team play on TV.