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Sheeple again and again

There seem to be a lot of you saying you want to spread the word to the "sheeple". Sheeple, to me, implies that people are ignorant followers of whatever is put in front of them. Is that any way to promote liberty? Do see Ron Paul going around calling people "Sheeple"?

The problem is, that following Ben Swann without asking where the money is going, by the same definition, could be considered just another kind of sheeple. And then ridiculing those such as Daily Rube, because he is critical thinker, could be considered another sheeple move.. down voting what he has to say, you may as well be saying "baaa baaaa"... but maybe you are not a sheep, maybe you are doing your best to figure things out... well maybe so is everyone else.

Another problem with this project is how can Ben Swann and Jeremy Richter wake up the "sheeple" and bring them out of the Matrix, when they don't even get things fully themselves? James Corbett, James Evan Pilato, Sibel Edmonds, and others are reporting in more depth on the details of what is going on behind the show, behind the curtain, what the PTB are really up to, whereas Ben, although ahead of the game in the MSM genre, still is just interviewing the show puppets, Obama, Romney, etc. Why interview puppets? If you are interviewing the puppets of the puppet masters, what do you think they are going to say? They are going to say the same old BS, because that is what they do, and if you look at the interviews Ben did with them, that's what they did.

Another big thing that you don't seem to get, is that James Corbett and others are not in the mainstream in front of more people because of LOW PRODUCTION QUALITY!!!!! They are not in the mainstream because the mainstream is owned by the puppet masters!!!!! I don't care how high-quality you get, if you don't own the distribution channels, you're not going to put your message in front of anyone. Why do you think Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing, would put millions behind a 16 year old (who is probably a fake front), to boost his news app "Summly", that secretly directs the news that people get? And then Yahoo buys the app for $30 million? They want to control the news distribution channels...why else would anyone pay that for an app? And they want it to look safe so they put a 16-17 year old as the front man and pretend he made it... when you look into the details, he met the billionaire first, and then made the app, along with help from "artificial intelligence experts around the world", that "summarizes the news" for you.

Another big thing Ben and Jeremy don't get is that the constitution, that is just a piece of paper written by a bunch of men... go watch "I'm allowed to rob you" video by Larken Rose.

Please realize when using the word "sheeple" and insulting your fellow men/women that you still may be one... if you are not questioning everything, including questioning Edward Snowden's validity, when that is what the MSM is pushing, you may not really be awake yet.

3.5 hour report from a nerd? More insults! Here's the latest 5 minute James Corbett video with fantastic commentary on the "Transformation of Society"...

Here's another one on NSA Catch-22, Bankster Bail-Ins, Less Peace, only 16 minutes from both James Corbett and James Evan Pilato: