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Desire to convince others of your points is partly why there's the duality in families. Also categorizing people as sheep/intelligent is another problem. Already the conspiracy theorist puts their family in another category. Wherever there's a dualistic mind set like this, people tend to part ways. It has nothing to do with conspiracies. Just human nature.

The theorist suffers because of the desire to change minds. Look at Alex Jones. He tries to get a HUGE amount of people to think how he does. He succeeds to a large degree, but still gets red in the face over those who disagree with him. So much so that he goes ballistic on TV shows and makes himself out like everyone must feel as he does. He gets out of control over his own desires. Much like money, many can never have enough.

That's really why families distance themselves. In reality we're all here together. The walls are imaginary. If you look at what happens in your life without the internet or TV and extend your brain all over the world - you'd see our lives are mostly stable, peaceful and not interrupted by the events outside. It's the desires (if too strong) that separate people. The desire can only come from within the person, not external events. So when you are one on one with your family members, they won't see your mental tentacles reaching from Benghazi, to 9-11 and the big banks....

Just listen to the video with desire in mind. What does each talker desire? To get people to think as they do. The desire to feel as they do, like we're headed off a cliff into lava and we need to hold on tight! How do they categorize others? Sheep! Already the theorist puts imaginary walls up in their own minds. Then they discuss how all it does is bring themselves anger. They actually suffer for their own desire.

Did their family change anyone in the end? No. Only the person if they are receptive, and on their own will decide what direction to take.

The truth is, Ron Paul never changed minds. He just spoke what people already agreed with what they knew was the truth. He never forces or put others down, or categorized them as sheep. That's why he was successful.